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Yes I know, quite a weird title to have however just hear me out. I will admit that I am a complete sucker for new mounts when they release. The point I am trying to bring up is that a mount can define who we want our character to be in the Lotro Universe. Players from the old days will remember when the mounts were not as fancy as today's are. Mounts can come from varying places, be it from Acquiring your first mount at Hengstacer Farm or from Reputation rewards or even from events such as treasure hunt, festivals....or even the Lotro Store. When War steeds became a thing, the inner fashion designer came out, since it allowed you to customize the mount to YOUR liking. I am proud to say that even though I may not own each and every mount in the game ( ...yet), I do like to think that my mounts define my character. The thing I like more than this however is just seeing people on their mounts, looking at what they designed and how they feel about it. the photos below are taken from Me and Kellder, who I must give thanks to for being patient as I scrambled to figure out how to take a screenshot of his mounts. Please feel free to add on if you want, I think others would like some inspiration into mount selection or mount customization. Thank you for your time.

This is the new reputation mount for Host of the West.

Another nice reputation mount from Update 20.

Personally, my favorite war steed appearance (Wintry Yule Set).

You can get this from buying Riders of Rohan Expansion.

This is a Meta Deed mount, which you can get by completing the deed "World Renowned".

This is the First VIP Mount given to people who were VIP's during a set date.
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