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(Jun 18, 2017)
Thank you Pinn. I am hoping to return as soon as possible! Hope everything goes well for everyone. =)
(Jun 18, 2017)
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Have a wonderful day and thanks for all you do!
(Jun 13, 2017)
Gonna be lonely without you around for a month Evi - looking forward to the day you get back online in your new home.
(Jun 13, 2017)
Welcome back Kellder. Hope the family is bearing up.
(Jun 01, 2017)
Officers, you have a new message.
(May 18, 2017)
Good luck, Creah! Make us proud :)
(May 18, 2017)
Sorry I haven't been on this week. It's Finals Week and I'm probably going to be busy until Friday night. Wish me luck!
(May 17, 2017)
Officers, check messages and calendar, the officer meeting has been rescheduled to accommodate several requests to do so.
(May 13, 2017)
Officers, check your messages.
(May 03, 2017)
Yes, Pinn, it surely can.
(May 03, 2017)
back - RL can certainly suck
(Apr 28, 2017)
Officers, you have a new message and I need replies from all officers.
(Apr 26, 2017)
Officers, check your messages, you have 2 new ones.
(Apr 23, 2017)
Come on Lindrad, shake it off man. Hope you are on the mend, we .. miss you. There I said it. BTW, the longer you say away, the more reasons you find not to return. I know ;)
(Apr 05, 2017)
Lindrad hopefully you are getting better. Miss you in game.
(Mar 21, 2017)
Hi Rain, always good to hear from you! Miss you too and hope all is well.
(Mar 21, 2017)
Hi folks. Hope everyone is doing great. Just wanted to drop a note and greet y'all.
(Mar 20, 2017)
I'm not ill Dera. Just poor Lindrad. Hoping he's feeling much better soon.
(Mar 20, 2017)
Arec and Lindrad hope you both recover soon! =)
(Mar 14, 2017)
Hope you're feeling better!! Get well soon.