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What is a warden?
A warden is an agile class that is able to survive the toughest of battles implementing self-heals whilst dealing damage to those around him/her. A warden’s design is to use various combination of attacks (known as gambits) in order to buff/debuff/damage/taunt/heal to himself and to others around him.

  • Tank in most group plays
  • DPS as solo or if geared/traited properly in group plays
  • Ranged DPS (Seen majorly in PVP combat)

Armor Type and Stat Focus
  • Medium armour
  • Agility and vitality focused
  • Might also contributes to block and parry rating which are useful in tanking

Warden Basics
In the Fray vs Assailment - Stance
The warden is able to switch between melee (In the fray stance) and ranged (Assailment stance) depending on his role in battle. It is important to note that the spear and shield attack becomes a ranged javelin throw while in Assailment. Additionally, a warden has slower attack duration when they are in the assailment stance.

The warden executes gambits given by casting a combination of three basic skills (spear, shield and fist – also called Quick Thrust, Shield-Bash and Warden’s Taunt). For example, to cast the gambit Onslaught, a player must cast spear, shield, spear in this order on a target so that they may cast Onslaught (the gambit default will automatically change to Onslaught which then needs to be clicked on to be cast). These skills are also called Gambit Builders.

Setting up hotkeys for this is up to a player’s preference but having spear, shield, fist, gambit default as 1,2,3,4 respectively is recommended. You will also notice that the spear, shield and fist skills have their buffs and perks such as adding on melee damage.

Each gambit has its own perks and using the right ones can significantly change the course of battle. Additionally, using certain gambits in a certain order can lead to a massive output after execution of a combination. For example, the gambit line consisting of Persevere, Safeguard and Restoration heals the user for a big amount if these gambits are used in order compared to just casting Restoration on its own.

Gambits are grouped into Assailment, Recklessness or Determination. Essentially, these entail ranged skills, DPS-focused skills and survival skills respectively. It helps to focus on a certain collection of gambits depending on your role in battle and in group play.

Gambit Masteries – Available level 21+
Gambit masteries are skills that automatically cast two of the three basic attacks (spear, shield or fist) while consuming very little power and time. Every gambit can be made using a combination of casting the right masteries. For example, a player decides to use Resolution to heal himself, the masteries Fist-Spear and Shield-Fist can be clicked on in this order so that a gambit of Resolution is made and is ready to be executed.

In battle, finishing off with a mastery or using a combination of masteries to execute a gambit is recommended as it will save the player time and power and will also prevent any debuffs from mobs disrupting your gambit progress.

Recovery and Quick Recovery
Casting Recovery will remove all gambit builders (your spear, shield or fist attacks which have been inputted) so that you may start from the beginning again.

Quick Recovery allows you to remove the last gambit builder that was inputted into the gambit panel. For example, if you have casted spear, shield, fist, fist – casting Quick Recovery will remove the last fist that was cast allowing you to retain the first three gambit builders and saving time.

Battle Preparation – Available Level 24+
This skill is one of the most important a warden can possess! It allows a warden to cast certain gambits before the start of battle in order to reap the benefits of the gambit. Battle Preparation has to be cast first in order to ‘open up’ the ability to cast masteries or individual spear/shield/fist attacks.

An example of using Battle Prep is seen by tanks casting Shield Mastery and Conviction before they engage a mob. This allows the warden to have a buff consisting of additional block rating, evade rating, ranged block rating, increased tactical and physical mitigation and a group heal over time – these buffs are very useful especially when your healer is still getting adjusted to the battle.

Battle Memory – Available Level 40+
Battle Memory can be strategically used to save a previously executed gambit so that it can be cast again in the near future. Note that it does cost a % of your max morale depending on the gambit builders used.
Battle Memory is activated (indicated by two glowing blue brackets around your toon) by casting Deft Strike, Defensive Strike or Goad.

An example of a strategy to use Battle Memory is by saving the gambit Resolution. This allows you to have a saved Resolution gambit when tanking so that you may use it when your morale falls low. The order to properly save Resolution into Battle Memory is by casting Deft Strike (or Defensive strike or Goad) and then executing a Resolution gambit as normal.

Never Surrender – Available Level 40
This skill is a warden’s backup heal. It is casted before battle or when it is expected that death is likely! The skill automatically heals the warden 50% of his morale and power when his morale falls 15% or lower. Note the big cooldown (5 minutes in blue line and 10 minutes in red/yellow line) so best to prevent your morale from becoming lower than 15%! =)

Basic Ranged Skills
The warden also comes with some ranged skills which can be used in either of the stances. These skills have debuffs or benefits which can be used at different times during and before battle.
They are:
- Ambush

- Marked Target

- Hampering Javelin

- Wages of Fear

Other Skills
- Careful Step – allows you to become stealthed so you can sneak around enemies and also instant cast Ambush

- Forced March – Adds 38% out-of-combat movement speed! Best skill ever!

- First Aid – removes 1 wound, fear, disease or poison debuff from you

- Steadfast – Instantly breaks out of a combat state such as being dizzy or stunned

- Muster skills – allows you to teleport to the indicated location (self-port only)

- Recklessness – allows you to massively increase your DPS while sacrificing your block, parry and evade for 20 seconds

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DPS Warden
The warden relies on damage over time via bleed damage on enemy mobs. Doing damage is very easy with a warden and any strategy or combination of gambits can be used. The following will list some of the important gambits or strategies that can enhance the damage output of a warden.

Single Target Gambits
  • Androit Manoeuvre – Makes you attack 16% faster for 20 seconds
  • Wardens Triumph – Adds 12% melee damage for 20 seconds
  • The Boot, Onslaught or Wall of Steel – breaks interruptions
  • Mighty Blow/Power Attack + Unerring Strike – Does massive damage with bleed damage over time
  • Spear of Virtue – Very powerful with multiple bleeds over time
  • Boars Rush – Stuns the enemy if a critical hit is made
  • The Dark Before the Dawn (weird name) – Allows you to recover some power and 2% of power every 4 seconds for 16 seconds
  • Offensive Strike – steals morale over time

Multiple Target Gambits (Great for Pulling Mobs!)

  • War Cry + Brink of Victory + Surety of Death/Desolation – Inflicts big AOE damage over time while giving you an evasion boost
  • Fierce Resolve, Exultation of Battle and Resolution – Steals morale from surrounding enemies and heals you.
  • - Resolution will give you a big, once-off morale tap while Fierce Resolve and Exultation of Battle provide you with heals over time.
  • Resounding Challenge – a large ranged skill that attacks up to 6 targets. Great for stealing back aggro when tanking.
  • - Pro tip: Battle Prep Resounding Challenge while in Assailment stance and then convert back to In the Fray before battle – Resounding Challenge now becomes damage over time which allows you to retain aggro longer.

Survival Gambits (Great for maintaining aggro or simply not dying!)

  • Persevere + Safeguard + Celebration of Skill / Restoration – Will heal you and provides additional buffs of blocking and partial blocking.
  • Impressive Flourish + Maddening Strike + Conviction/Dance of War – Provides additional buffs of critical defence, physical and tactical mitigation.
  • - Conviction heals the whole fellowship over time – In blue line, Conviction can also enable a skill called Fellowship Protector which stacks up to 10 tiers of physical and tactical mitigation over 30 seconds. Fellowship Protector is only available in blue line.

The Reversal Gambit
This gambit removes a corruption on a target and is extremely important in changing the course of battle. A corruption is a buff that an enemy has such as having increased defences or a heal over time.

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Tanking Warden
The most common role of a warden is to tank mobs in group play. This is based off the fact that they are designed to survive the deadliest of situations (although they match the survivability of a guardian – this is my opinion, if you disagree, please don’t hate me =P ). Compared to a guardian and captain, a warden’s tanking strategy is primarily focused on buffing himself via gambits, morale taps and being proactive rather than reactive.

Threat and Aggro
Threat is generated based on how much you damage mobs or heal your fellow members around you. Obviously the higher the threat, the higher the chance mobs will focus their attacks on you.
Aggro is maintaining a high level of threat and ensuring that mobs continuously focus their attention on you – this is the bottom line of a warden’s role in group play. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer ^_^

Blue Line
In order for a warden to retain aggro, the blue line offers the easiest way to do it – it adds 300% more threat to your damage. It also improves the warden’s survivability by enhancing certain skills/gambits and enabling certain attacks.

Some important traits you should focus on include:
  • Defiant Challenge – this is the warden’s only forced taunt attack and allows you to steal back all aggro from surrounding mobs
  • Counter Attack – this trait resets the cooldown of your masteries if you evade an attack; very good for spamming masteries conserving power and time
  • Lasting Hope – Adds 3 Heal over Time pulses which is extremely useful
  • Never Surrender – your backup heal in case things go wrong (it is now a 5 min cooldown)
  • Fellowship Protector – Adds up to 10 tiers of physical mitigation and tactical mitigation for 30 seconds whenever Conviction is executed. The more fellow members around you, the higher the tier goes with one Conviction gambit.

Virtues can be strategically designed to add to specific stats so that you can focus on other stats via gear or from gambits.

For me, I focused more on physical and tactical mitigation in order to reach tier 2 cap so that I could focus my gear and gambits on other stats like damage, critical rating and morale. I used the virtues of Charity , Compassion , Fidelity , Honour and Innocence .

Tanking Strategy
For a warden to successfully keep aggro, they must be able to keep their threat levels higher than the rest of their fellow members. This is done in various ways and every player develops their own strategy.

The following gambits are essential to building threat and keeping aggro:
  • Conviction – one of the most useful gambits a warden has in healing, buffing and increasing threat
  • Exultation of Battle – One of the best group morale taps that increase threat over time
  • Resolution – why rely on a healer when you can morale tap for an insanely big amount? =P
  • Resounding Challenge – great for pulling mobs when firstly running into them. Having Resounding Challenge Battle Prepared while on Assailment stance allows the gambit to become damage over time for that one-off gambit – this is awesome in building threat over time when initiating battle
  • Shield Mastery – it is recommended to have this gambit buff on at all times because of its block and evade buff
  • Shield Tactics – Improves your tactical mitigation and also prevents you from becoming stunned or dazed for 10 seconds. You cannot gain stun immunity again for another 20 seconds after

A possible tanking-gambit rotation that can be used is:
  1. Battle Prep Conviction for up to 10 tiers of Fellowship Protector + Shield Mastery
  2. Run into battle with either Conviction, Exultation of Battle or Resounding Challenge
  3. Surety of Death or Resolution or Desolation for all mobs if needed for extra DPS or a heal
  4. Conviction
  5. Shield Mastery
  6. Shield Tactics
  7. Defiant Challenge (cast when needed or when it is hardest to maintain aggro)

Repeat the above steps as needed. Remember to use situational gambits such as Reversal, The Boot, First Aid, Exultation of Battle, The Dark Before the Dawn and the Restoration gambit line.

Gearing up a warden is completely up to the perspective of a player. However, some essential stats and skills should be focused on in order to tank and to stay alive.

  • Physical and Tactical Mitigation – it is very important to maximise your mitigations up to tier 1 or tier 2 cap so that you don’t get hit for a big amount
  • Critical Defence – Having a minimum of 60% critical defence is useful in ensuring your enemy’s critical attacks are less potent
  • Finesse – it is important to have some Finesse so that your attacks penetrate through enemy resistances in order for you to maintain your aggro
  • Morale – the more morale you have, the more longer you will survive and the easier it is for your healer to do their job

For me, I usually focus on capping certain stats and leaving any space for extra morale. My order of capping stats is:
Physical and tactical mitigation > Critical Defence > Finesse > Incoming Healing (aim to have about 20%) > Morale for the rest

As of update 18, the best way of becoming the warden you want to become is by utilising slotted gear and armour and using essences. Using essence armour and jewellery allows you to be flexible with your build and to tailor your warden to different roles.

Please see the following links about gearing up properly as of Update 18.
- Stat Caps:
- Essence Calculator:

(I want to thank Ajatus for his useful notes on tanking – they formed the basis of what this guide has been about =] - )
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My Trait Trees

I have attached my current trait trees as a guide to help with DPS or tanking. Feel free to change around any traits to suit your game style and preference.

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Legendary Items

I have attached my current LIs for DPS and tanking. Feel free to use legacies and relics to suit your game style and preference.

There are some essential legacies I recommend in having if you're looking to deal some serious DPS.

Main Hand
  • Light Damage
  • Surety of Death Damage Over Time
  • Spear Gambit Damage
  • Ranged Damage

  • Fist Gambit Skill Damage or Fist Gambit Buff Duration
  • Spear-Shield Gambit Damage
  • Fist Gambit Critical Rating
  • Adriot Manoeuvre Damage

There are some essential legacies I recommend in having in regards to tanking.

Main Hand
  • Gambit Lifetap Damage
  • Persevere Block Rating
  • Resolution Damage
  • Light Damage
  • Shield Tactics Tactical Mitigation Bonus

  • Defiant Challenge Damage Return
  • Fist Gambit Skill Damage or Fist Gambit Buff Duration
  • Heal Bonus for Conviction
  • Shield Gambit Line Healing Bonus
  • Shield Mastery Block Rating
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Hello guys,

Just an update to the changes Ive made to gambit mastery placement. Enjoy!
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