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About Immortal Souls
Kin Policy

Immortal Souls is a social kin that accepts all play styles.

We do our best to help all members, whether it be questing, deeding, raiding or crafting. We have a Level 10 kinhouse, a website with forums and event calendar and a Discord voice server. The kin has capped level crafters and craft mats supply. (Ask an officer - conditions apply). We encourage people to use the services the kin provides, but it is not mandatory.

We do ask that if you need help with any quests or deeds that you try to find someone in kin around your level to help you. If you can not, contact any officer online and we will find someone to help you or provide help ourselves. We are here to provide a safe, enjoyable kin for all members to be able to enjoy their journey through Middle Earth.

Our kin has very few rules but we do ask that you abide by them. If you abuse our trust in you, we will counsel you, and if the abuse continues, we will expel you from the kin.

  • We ask that kin members show respect to all players. This covers interactions in kinchat, world chat, or any other public chat channel. Remember that your behaviour and the way you treat others reflects on yourself and on the kin.
  • We do not power level. We recommend you gain experience by questing, deeding, or running instances. As well, you can group with other kin members or players of a similar level.
  • There will be no begging for, buying or selling of any service or item in kinchat. Any item or service requested or offered in kinchat should be free to any member that may need it. The exception is high value components for your (cap) level crafted items, which you gift to the player who crafts your legendary item, weapon, armour or jewellery, i.e. elder king symbols, fragments, etc
  • Do not ask for or take items from the kin and then offer those items up for sale or transfer them to a non-kin ALT.
  • All recruits face a probation period. This gives both the new recruit and the kin a chance to get to know each other. To gain promotion;
    • Your character must be in the kin for at most 14 days.
    • Your character must have a player note on the kin social page. The note will state if that character is your main or an alt (with an association to the main). (If you need help with this ask any officer or ask in kinchat).
    • We encourage ALTs to join the kin. We will promote them as soon as possible to match the current level of the player's Main character.
  • We have an inactivity limit of 240 days. If the inactivity on any kin member's toon exceeds this limit, we will expel that toon.
  • Exception: If you wish to remain in the kin, notify an officer and change your player notes on your toons. Reasons such as service, medical, education, family, etc are all valid.

If you have any questions contact any officer that is online. We appreciate your suggestions. Remember, your leaders are also here to play. Please limit communications to in-game mail or /tells with officers.

Thank you all for being here and have a great time on your journey through Middle Earth!

Author: Lindrad - May 30, 2016
Ammended: Pinn - November 2017
Ammended: WickedMonkey - May 2018
Ammended: Pinn - June 2018