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It is always good to have a place to go to to find out information, and while the LOTRO Wiki is good, it doesn't always include value judgements, or insights into the game.

This is a Work In Progress, a collection of those links that the officers and the kinfolk of Immortal Souls feel are of benefit to others in the kin. If you have suggestions for other sources, let us know so we can review and add them.

Reference Databases

Lotro Wiki

The Bearded Minstrel - Current Mordor information and maps

Allakhazam Lotro - Good to L65

Craft Ingredient Locations

Wood Farming

Hide and Skin Farming

Metal Ore Farming

Scholar Ingredient Farming

Music In Game.

Getting Started

Music Wiki

Music Files - As simple as ABC

The Fat Lute (on a diet)

Songbook of Laurelin

Note: Not all ABC files are crafted with care. many are straight MIDI rips, or single finger keyboard. Without musical arrangement, or careful tuning, some are plain awful. Download an ABC file player, and listen to the music file before you play it in-game, better still, get a second opinion from someone who is not in game. Better to judge and weed out the terrible before subjecting other players to a cacophonic nightmare.

Midi/ABC Convertor/Player

Plug-Ins / LUA

Let's talk about Plug-Ins

Compendium Plug-In

Guides and Notes

Kin Guides and Notes

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