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(Jun 19, 2022)
Hya Dera
(Jan 05, 2022)
Hi everyone, well those that remember me. Let me know what the discord link is Pinn or anyone and I would love to catch up with you all and do some gaming. :)
(Sep 02, 2020)
HI all...ive not been on much recently. Im afraid my computer has decided it does not like playing lotro anymore. From experience this might take some time to fix - like weeks
(Jul 31, 2020)
Good evening folks. Just wanted to say hi and hope that everyone is doing ok with all the pandemic going on. Stay safe and I missyou guys.
(Apr 19, 2020)
Thanks Lothandal, I really appreciate that
(Apr 11, 2020)
Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing well during this time of upset, I think of and pray for each and every one of you every day, please be careful and safe and you all will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
(Dec 22, 2019)
Under kin discussion
(Dec 22, 2019)
New Play is up
(Dec 13, 2019)
Hey Lindrad. Merry Xmas mate,
(Dec 13, 2019)
Thanks lothandal
(Dec 12, 2019)
Hey guys, just dropping by to say hello and let you all know that I think of all of you everyday. I really miss all of you, but I just cannot play LOTRO any longer, too much of a grind. Y'all take care and I love you guys.
(Dec 12, 2019)
Hey Triqui - server is still down
(Dec 08, 2019)
Just added our kin to the Kinships of Brandywine on the WIKI
(Dec 07, 2019)
Hi guys - I'm having some trouble getting into game and into Discord. Hopefully it resolves soon. Something about Google
(Dec 03, 2019)
Hey guys just wanted to drop by and see how everyone is doing. Grats Pinn and good to see you Lindrad <3 Merry Christmas to all
(Aug 15, 2019)
Welcome to Penten, Laempmoth, Hdevil, Vaaragdur, Thiccless and Linkulus - good to see you come into the kin :)
(Aug 11, 2019)
Hey to new members - AshOnMyPotatoes AOMP, Salrissa, Brightburn, Applesauce and Grarilian
(Aug 08, 2019)
Happy Birthday Ezramarie :)
(Aug 08, 2019)
Welcome Tellarn
(Aug 08, 2019)
I suppose i should freshen up the place and put up new curtains